The next revolution in the building construction industry 4.0

 Architects, over the last few centuries, have imagined creating beautiful curved forms to inspire us,

however they have always been incredibly complex and expensive to build.

Curvecrete has developed a Zero Waste curved concrete panelling system using robotic technology in the next revolution of the building construction industry 4.0.

It's cost effective, it doesn't produce any waste and can create beautiful curved forms to generate incredible design impact.

What we do

Non-Combustible Cladding


Our Zero Waste non-combustible cladding systems can form the enclosures of iconic public buildings, even at the scale of stadiums.

Pavilion and Event Spaces


Generate design impact through beautifully curved structures formed by our Zero Waste and Low-Carbon concrete panelling system.

Bridges and Infrastructure


Creating structures that last, Curvecrete have developed a system that uses a waste product to create maintenance free, cost-effective,

bridges and infrastructure.

Latest news


VESKI Fast Smarts Innovator of the Year, 2019

Curvecrete Co-Founder Daniel Prohasky presented the Curvecrete vision at Federation Square for Melbourne Knowledge Week and was crowned the Victorian government VESKI Innovator of the Year for 2019.

MAP Cohort, 2019

After a month of intense pitching and stress testing of our business model, Curvecrete were accepted into the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) in 2019.

Finalists in the NGV Design Challenge, 2019

Curvecrete were named finalists in their first internationally acclaimed design competition in 2019 where they presented their dual solution to the waste crisis: Zero waste curved concrete panels using low-carbon (80% reduction) geopolymer cements that are made from a waste byproduct of coal fired power plants.

Innovation Fellowship, 2019

Curvecrete received an Innovation Fellowship from Swinburne University to continue to develop and commercialise Curvecrete technology. 

Wade Entrepreneurship Showcase Winners, 2018

Curvecrete Co-Founder, Warren Rudd won the Wade Entrepreneurship Showcase after pitching Curvecrete to the Wade Institute crowd.

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